06 February 2014

Bland Air Chathams Aircraft...

Captured at Auckland on 31 January 2014 was Air Chathams all white Convair 580 ZK-CIF

Also sporting the same scheme, or lack of scheme, is Metroliner ZK-CIC arriving back from Tonga on 6 February 2014


  1. I think you will find most planes are painted white and are only ever a couple stripes away from being "bland"

    One day when Tauck make up their minds you may see some stripes of a yet to be decided colour.

  2. I think you will find that the reason for the white paint scheme is for stealth. That's right, stealth in the clouds. Imagine this, you're cruising along at flight level 250, not a care in the world, when suddenly the TCAS shouts "traffic traffic!". You look but you can't see anything... Then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a majestic aircraft from the early 19th century appears out of a cloud and casually sails past you. The pilot gives you a cheeky thumbs up as if to say "hey there little fellah". And you thought not much thought went into that paint scheme...

  3. You can hide the plane, what you can't hide is smoke trail the convair will puff along its wake.
    Asking certain individuals with merit the response of "that's not smoke, it's power"