22 November 2014

New Helicopter Base for Inflite Charter

Inflite Charters Limited is opening a new base at Taupo Airport. In conjunction with well-known local operators, Toby and Cushla Clark, and Vaughan Nairn (Base Manager), Inflite are delighted to be expanding helicopter and charter plane services into the Central North Island region. The new operation will be based at the Izard Air complex at 1159 Anzac Memorial Drive, Taupo Airport. This stunning facility, built by Richard Izard, is well suited for Inflite’s operations and allows a great opportunity for growth, as the business establishes in the region. Scenic helicopter flights, lodge transfers, golfing, fishing and vineyard trips are available immediately in our AS355 Twin Squirrel and Robinson R44 helicopters. Our helicopter flights can operate from the Taupo Airport and Taupo harbour-side helipads, as well as regular private landing locations. With the enhanced safety of twin-engine performance, the Squirrel AS355 offers a roomy and comfortable cabin capable of accommodating up to five passengers. This very sought after helicopter is especially appreciated for its VIP, corporate and tourist flight capabilities. The Robinson R44 helicopter comfortably carries up to three passengers, and offers excellent visibility through the bubble canopy, making it an ideal aircraft for exploring the stunning mountain, geothermal and lake scenery. Having high quality and reliable helicopter and charter plane services in this thriving business community and energetic tourist destination is imperative, and Inflite look forward to providing exceptional service to locals and visitors alike. Further announcements will be made shortly regarding new scenic flight products and packages, charter plane options.

Source : Inflite Charters Press Release


  1. Cessna caravan or pressurised Navajo could be added?.

  2. Beautiful building they are in!!! Right next to the now defunct helipro.... Although still see them fly over.. Wonder what's happening at te puia rotovegas as helipro do scenic flights out of their helipad.
    I seriously feel that the 2nd jetstream would be perfect!!! Or why not buy the Saab 340 of Vincent!!! Seriously taupo Wellington b1900 are full one the 630am 8pm flight.. I work in council here and everyone who flys that flight has been a all but full flight

  3. Seriously feel taupo is an under used and under promoted.. I totally understand backpackers not using it but... Point to point/UP market tourisim air nz could have easily marketed Auckland to taupo to chc or Queenstown on q300 vis versa.. Ski ruapheue/Queenstown relax in free mineral stream and bungy fly outa Auckland vis versa... And tongiraro crossing during summer

  4. To whom would you market AKL TUO? Kiwi's will drive because it is cheaper, its connection to the ski field is a long drive away. Other than fishing there is not much else to do in Taupo.

    1. Nothing to do in Taupo??? Horribly mistaken. Skifields as mentioned an hour away. Also mentioned world class fishing. Amazing and internationally known restaurants, water sports, hunting, tramping, amazing landscapes. I agree TUO is under marketed. With all these amazing things going for the place, there could potentially be a market

  5. Market taupo to the higher end/luxury travelers that can afford to fly point to point air nZ could easily fill flights with the q300 south.. The ski fields are only an hours drive from taupo to the chateau. Not only that... You also have highly under promoted pureora,kiamanawas,kaiwekas,ruahina rangers that are simply stunning and almost equal to what Queenstown have inreg to adventure tourisim which only has a pop if 15000 give or take.. If it wasn't for the altitude at 400mt and the terrain and the lack suitable of land for a 2km runway taupo would have made a more successful place to have a international airport.