18 November 2014

TV3's coverage on Sunair's proposals for Kaitaia and Whakatane

If you missed Campbell Live tonight here is the link to the clip about Sunair's proposed services to Whakatane and Kaitaia...


My thoughts...

  • No talk on a Caravan... will Aztecs inspire confidence?
  • Fares sound high... A Sounds Air type model of reasonable fares will fill seats


  1. Sorry but Sunair not a good idea. Bad customer service. Horrid ancient aircraft (I mean aircraft with curtains!!) Rather expensive and badly disorganized.

  2. Have to agree.
    Zero confidence in a service where Aztec is the aircraft of choice

  3. I'd rather go on a public bus than one of those Aztecs

  4. I have to agree also. I have flown with Sunair on more than one occasion, and each time i walk away vowing never to return. Last trip i took we ended up in Rotorua and we were roaded in a horrid ancient Toyota Van all the way to Gisborne. The whole organisation is badly unorganised. Those Aztecs are ancient, why Sunair have 10 of them is beyond comprehension. Those Sunair Aztecs always smell of horrid pungent perfume. The Pilots are friendly, but the office/reservations staff always seem disinterested/unfriendly. Also Sunair are more likely to have expensive fares.

    Sounds Air would have to be one of the biggest success story's in NZ Aviation history. Not many 3rd level airlines that go head to head with Air New Zealand, and are still around years later. There success comes from reasonable fares, excellent customer service and reliable aircraft. The WLG-WAG fares seem to be cheaper than Air NZ and we have more flight options with SA than we did with Eagle.

    Sorry, but Sunair are not great. Not so long ago they were quoting using a Cessna Caravan on new services. For one Sunair from my knowledge don't even own one, and two no mention of one in the article. Will be interesting to see what happens. People will not fly in a terrible little Aztec, and pay the same price NZ were charging for that pleasure (not).