28 December 2014

Moving to Hamilton 1

At Kaikoura on 27 December 2014 was Piper Cherokee 6 ZK-DOP being operated by Air Kaikoura on  whale watching.
WHY was the Gore Aero Club's Cessna 172 at Kaikoura?!
Murphy Rebel ZK-DBH was at Omaka on 27 December 2014
as was the Marlborough Aero Club's Piper Tomahawk ZK-DMF
and Cessna 182 ZK-VNE
A busy tarmac at Woodbourne... Air2there Caravan ZK-MYH, Eagle Beech 1900 ZK-EAN, Sounds Air Caravan ZK-PDM and Air Nelson Q300 ZK-NEE...
...and in this angle, from right to left, EAN and MYH again, NZ Post Friendship ZK-PAX, Sounds Air Grand Caravan ZK-SAA and an Air Chathams Convair
and at Paraparaumu Aero L39 ZK-CCP.


  1. DOP usually lives in NZWR- what aircraft was it replacing down at Kaikoura?

  2. From what I was told when southbound the Six is purely extra capacity