19 December 2014

Westport closing in on air service provider

Westport could be close to getting a replacement air service off the ground, with Air New Zealand set to cut flights to the town later next year. Last month, Air NZ announced that Westport was one of seven regional towns which would be losing its flights from April 2015. Since the announcement was made the Buller District Council has been working on finding a replacement carrier for the town. Buller Mayor Garry Howard said this morning the council had discussed, in the public excluded section of the council meeting yesterday, what airline it would be working with on a possible new service. "We have now got to complete some negotiations with regard to it. People can be assured we are going to have a good air service and we look forward to making an announcement in the new year," Mr Howard said. Picton-based Sounds Air and Golden Bay Air have both been mooted as possible carriers.

Source : Greymouth Star, 18 December 2014


  1. I hear PC12 sounds air, of course all rumored

    1. Having worked for an operation that had PC12s flown by a sister company, I can say they are an amazing aircraft. This was a charter operation and in this niche it is a fantastic machine. In terms of running one on scheduled services.......the worldwide results are not good. Acquisition cost is probably double that of a Caravan as are the operating costs (although if you can get more hours in, by spreading your fixed costs you are able to lower your per hour average).

      In summary: Charter work = amazing machine and a pilots dream aircraft. Scheduled = I hope they've thoroughly done their figures or have an amazing price locked in........

  2. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/ZKTIL/history/20141217/0000Z/NZOM/NZWS

  3. PC12 and Sounds Air would be great. Good reputation, TP experience and ok paid pilots.

  4. Sounds Air will start a new service between Wellington and Westport in a PC-12 http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/65264263/Sounds-Air-to-fly-from-Westport-to-Wellington