16 February 2015

Beech 1900D ZK-EAK wheels up landing

Yesterday we mentioned the retirement from Eagle Airways service of Beech 1900D ZK-EAK. Someone asked if there were any photos of her making a wheelsup landing at Woodbourne back in 2007. Well here is something a little more dramatic than just a photo to record the event.

The "landing" took place on 18 June 2007 after the flight was diverted while flying from Timaru to Wellington as NZ2300 when a landing gear fault was discovered during the early phases of the approach to land. 
The full aviation safety report can be found HERE along with a great photo taken by the Marlborough Express reporter.

After significant repair work ZK-EAK positioned from Woodbourne to Hamilton 09 September 2007 and re-entered service two days later. 

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