26 February 2015

First Photo of LHL

I had a five minute stop at Tauranga today. The most exciting aircraft I photographed was this Cessna...

...the only problem was I couldn't read the rego, though I was fairly sure what it was!!!
So down to the terminal and a shot through Sunair's Aztec DGS to reveal that is Cessna 525 Conquest 1 ZK-LHL.
Cessna  425 was initially registered to Lakeland Helicopters (1989) Ltd in Februay 2006. It was registered to Air Wanganui Commuter from January 2009 till May 2011 but I am not sure if it ever flew for them. It returned to Lakeland Helicopters ownership before being registered to current owners Heli Resources 2012 Limited in May 2013. The photos are my first of ZK-LHL and were taken at Tauranga on 26 February 2015

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