12 March 2015

Busy times at Ardmore for Third Levellers

A visit to Ardmore on the afternoon of 11 March netted a gaggle of third level operators plying their trade from the general aviation airport located southeast of Auckland International.

Parked on the ramp at Dennis Thompson International was Flight Hauraki's Cessna 207 ZK-MDZ and this was joined by Cessna 172N ZK-MDV.

Sunair's Cessna fleet descended on the airport with 172M ZK-CBZ starting the ball rolling followed by 172H ZK-DHN and then 172M ZK-DKK. None of their Aztecs were present however ZK-PIW was there on Monday having returned from its time on lease in the Pacific Islands, see

To round off the activity, Reid Aviation Grumman AA-5A ZK-TMR arrived. This aircraft was registered to Air Gisborne from February 2006 through until November 2011 and still wears their titles. Piper PA34 ZK-SFC of Air Gisborne has been parked at Ardmore for a few weeks now receiving attention from a local engineering firm and Piper PA34 ZK-DCP, also from the Air Gisborne fleet, has been noted operating out of North Shore Airfield in recent weeks.

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  1. Both the Air Gizzy Seneca's you've mentioned are now owned by a private Auckland owner