29 March 2015

Winging their way through Wellington

Before I flew over to Takaka on Mount Cook Airlines' 14 March 2015 ATR 72-600 ZK-MVE was arriving on gate...
whole Air Nelson's Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEW was on start up...
While on my return Mount Cook Airlines' ATR 72-600 ZK-MVD was on the taxi

The next day, 15 March 2015, Eagle Air's Beech 1900D ZK-EAG was captured getting airborne
as were Air Nelson's Bombardier Q300s ZK-NEM... 
...and ZK-NER
Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300 roaring out of Wellington
Jetstar's Airbus 320 VH-VGD at the end of its landing roll
while Airbus 320 VH-VQE was caught on arrival and departure.


  1. Great set of photos. Thank you! I've heard MVA was due to lose AB livery but had not seen confirmation. MVC had the black tail but no fern the last time I saw it. MCB and MCF are in new livery. The Q300 seems to have NEP-NEZ in new livery. Does anyone know when others are changing? Looking forward to seeing OXI arrive after Easter..

    1. Hi ZK-MVA Lost the All Blacks livery early march

    2. I saw MVA in CHC on April 6 and it is still in the AB livery.

  2. Great shots of ZK-NEM & ZK-NER next to each other, good for comparing the two liveries. I have to say I quite like the look of the new livery on the Q300 unlike some of the larger jets in the NZ fleet.