27 July 2015

15 minutes at Tauranga

I managed a quick drive by of Tauranga on 23 July 2015 before heading home...

On the taxi was Pitts S2-E Special ZK-ELI

Desperation shot number 1 - Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IIH hover taxis to the hangar

Moved down to be parked out Sunair is still engineless Cessna 425 ZK-LHL

A new one for me was Tecnam Astore UL ZK-MSV

Still to be repainted... Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEK off to Christchurch... Auckland was closed at the time so three Q300s and Air Chathams' Convair ZK-CIB were on the ramp

Desperation shot number 2 - Ultravia Pelican PL ZK-PPL on takeoff... I arrived a minute too late before it taxied so full zoom, heavily cropped

Island Air operate Cessna 172 ZK-WGE on its shuttle flights to Motiti Island

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