28 July 2015

Comfortable Airline Getting Ready for Take Off

Originair owner Robert Inglis, left, Brent Hill, National Aircraft Interiors and Matt Ashton, RepairCraft with new leather seats that will be fitted in to the Originair, Jetstream 32 aircraft at Nelson Airport.

A Nelson-based aircraft interior design company have come up with a custom seat product especially for Originair. National Aircraft Interiors were given the brief for Originair's Jetstream aircraft which will soon be flying from Nelson to Palmerston North. Designed for passenger comfort, the seats have a modern look and feel with an added soft layer on the seat, said sales and marketing manager for National Aircraft Interiors John Hill. "Originair has chosen a high quality leather created for its durability and passenger comfort." Hill said he the company usually worked with large international airlines. "It's nice to be doing something for a New Zealand company. Passengers are going to be impressed when they see these aircraft. They're really smart." The seats are made of high quality leather. Industry standard aviation leather comes in a variety of quality ranges. The leather is expected to last for up to eight years, depending on maintenance. The leather has a modern matte finish that follows automotive industry trends. Hill said the automotive industry was ahead of the aviation industry in respect of comfort and design due to the sheer size of the industry and its research and development budget, and so is used as a source for design trends in the aircraft industry. The seats also feature yellow stitching on charcoal leather that matches Originair's brand. National Aircraft Interiors is an international company based in Nelson, serving the airline industry in New Zealand, Australia and the United States with an office in Los Angeles. Originair was established by Robert Inglis, who founded Air Nelson and then ran Origin Pacific Airways, which collapsed in 2006. It will fly Nelson- Wellington and Nelson-Palmerston North. Its first flight from Nelson to Palmerston North is scheduled for Wednesday August 12.


  1. Already heard they had an instrument failure in to Wellington last night..

    1. What sort of instrument?

    2. Agreed. If someone broke their violin, it probably doesn't matter as much as if their artificial horizon toppled. And to be fair, that aircraft has not been regularly used in recent years so these instrument failures are going to happen.

    3. Yeah mate, you might substantiate a big claim like that. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. correction.....jsh is a j31 not a j32 as said in the caption.