25 November 2015

A Deviation from the Norm

A while ago Mark sent me this review of "A Deviation from the Norm"... I've got the book but haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks good. This might be a good Christmas present someone might like to buy you. Anyway here is Mark's review

Have any of you yet acquired, and read, a copy of Norm SANSON´s recently published book .... "A DEVIATION FROM THE NORM - A PILOTS STORY" ?

Norm SANSON was Chief Pilot at SEA BEA AIR throughout the 1980´s.

He joined MOUNT COOK AIRLINES during ther early 1970´s .... and flew both the WIDGEON and GOOSE fort 17 years (he an I actually flew a lot together during the  mid to late 1980´s when SEA BEE AIR was at its peak and I became a member of the "Mechanics Bay Social Club") .... and including their operations within the Pacific based from Tuvalu.

This autobiography covers his entire aviation career .... from his being being influenced towards, and entry to professional aviation ... in NZ .... and in Australia .... flying predominantly marine aircraft types all his career .... and prior to moving on to Vanuatu, India, and New Guinea and a contract pilot .... flying DHC6, DHC8, and ATR 72 aircraft after a brief stint of ferry-flying from NZ also .... as related within pages of endlessly hilarious anecdotes as only Norm (in the minds of those whom know him personally) could ever relate.

Here´s Norms website and book ordering information if any of yoiu are interested ....


A strongly recommended and enjoyable read .... IMHO .... in fact I couldn't put this book down with the first 60-70 pages of my reading it.

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  1. I have read it too. as a former GBA pilot I loved hearing about the history of flying around the upper north island. excellent read.