07 June 2016

Originair prepares to take flight again

This has just come through from Originair's Gary Jeffcott

I just saw your blog about ECI on 3rd level NZ and just wanted to clear things up about what’s happening with ECI.

ECI flew up to Auckland as it is being put back onto Airwork's certificate in preparation for our commencement of operation.

We will continue to use ECI along with JSH for our scheduled services and charter work.

Now reading between the lines there I’m sure you can guess, Airwork will be our new operator.

In regards to what date we will be flying again, we are waiting on the final sign off from everyone but we are aiming for a June 24 restart date. Once we do have the final sign off we will be sending out emails to our mailing list, releasing a media statement and posting on our social media accounts. Our schedule will consist of a Monday and Wednesday morning flight NSN-PMR-NSN and Friday and Sunday afternoon flight NSN-PMR-NSN.

Please feel free to use this information to inform your audience and if you or anyone else has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for that Jeff... I look forward to seeing you flying again soon and getting a picture myself of ECI in Originair colours

Meanwhile a couple of photos have been "supplied" taken at Auckland today... Thanks to the photographer


  1. This is great news. Can we assume from this post that they will not be flying to Wellington anymore?

  2. Fantastic to have clarity on the airline's position and the operator who will be running the Jetstreams. A pity the arrangement with Air Freight NZ did not work out. Too many i's to dot and t's to cross....

  3. The issue with Air Freight is the company is being wound down so won't need an AOC so Origin were left stranded high and dry. All freight operations moved to new company Parcel Air. Its good that they can use Airwork's one as they also involved with passenger charters. Why Origin not set up their own AOC maybe comes down to the huge expence I expect. But would solve this issue with lack of control when using other companies AOC.

    1. Well umm.... you know, except the Lifeflight J32.that they have and continue to operate on their AOC.

  4. This is great news.
    I hope Originair can dip it's toes into other untapped routes as well...HLZ-NSN or NSN-NPE.

    1. Kiwi Regional has been flying HLZ - NSN with a Saab 340 since September 2015... This has been well covered across many platforms from TV interviews to Facebook pages