27 September 2016

Flying the E-jets

In my travels over the last few days I have had the opportunity to try out a couple of Embraer's E-Jets...

On the 9th of September I flew on a Air Dolomiti Embraer 195 flight from Florence to Munich...
...and then the following day on a United Express Embraer 170 from Chicago to Pittsburgh 
 Previously I had flown on...

On the 6th of September 2014 I flew on a Virgin Australia flight from Sydney to Cairns...
Still to fly on an Embraer 175 and an earlier generation Embraer 135 and 145.


  1. I like the cabin configuration of the E-Jets - 2 aisle 2.

    No middle seat!!

    Unfortunately, they will not be economical for Air NZ to operate them regionally in NZ. As being a jet, they are more expensive to operate compared to the ATR72's which a more suitable for NZ's low regional population base and regional fare sensitivity.

  2. BRING ON THE ATR42-600!!!!
    Only US$2 Million more expensive than a Q300. Relatively same, capacity flies faster. Also correct me if I'm wrong but pilots can fly either the ATR42 or 72 (-600) so easier to provide pilots.

    Most of all it looks good so I just wamt to see it in Air NZ colours really

    1. And Air NZ already has a good relationship with ATR (possible discount to lure Air NZ to keep buying their products).

    2. Q300 routes are steadily being upgauged to the ATR.

      Why would you replace the Q300 with an aircraft of the same capacity?

    3. Think of Taupo, Hokitika etc. Destinations which barely manage to consistently carry an average of 30 pax. Upgrade to an ATR72? Yea right - more like just expand the list of routes dropped by Air 'New Zealand'

    4. ATR42 running costs are not really any cheaper than a 72. They won't bother buying a new type, regardless of how similar it is to the 72. Cheaper and easier to just operate a 72 half empty out of smaller ports. Or just drop those routes altogether when the next round of cuts are announced...