17 September 2016

Originair about to resume services

Originair resumes services on Friday the 23rd of September. The airline will operate four flights a week between Nelson and Palmerston North. I hope they are able to rebuild their service and develop a decent timetable between the two centres.


  1. Need to offer a daily service to be a able to meet the needs of the public. They could do a lot more flying with their two aircraft most of the time they are parked up. Planes make money up in the air not on the ground still holds true.

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  3. I wish them all the very best... Love to see them succeed

  4. But no Jetstreams for now. from Originair.co.nz
    Originair to work with Air2there (September 21, 2016)
    Originair would like to advise that due to future planning considerations the company will be working with Air2there on Nelson to Palmerston North services from the 23rd September.
    Flights will proceed as planned by services provided to Originair by Air2there, using a twin engine aircraft, until Jetstream operations commence.