01 March 2017

More Convairs for Air Chathams

According to the CAA register ex Air Freight Convairs ZK-KFH and ZK-KFJ are registered to Air Chathams joining ZK-KFL. Convair 580 ZK-FTA is also with Air Chathams but is being stripped for parts.


  1. Are these two likely to carry passengers? if so is there going to be an announcement that Air New Zealand are going to relinquish some less profitable routes and if so which ones.
    One thinks of Timaru & Hokitka

    1. Are these aricraft former passenger aircraft or are they original freight built aircraft??? Does it cost much to convert actual, "built" freighters into passenger aircraft.... windows is what I'm mainly thinking about... passenger to freight conversions I'm guessing just plug up the windows...?

    2. No convairs were built as freighters. The Navy C131D,E &F's were built as combis. But all the rest are conversions. You won't see these particular aircraft carry passengers. Lucky to see these do much more flying.

    3. Here's a shot of KFH, back in 1955 when it was N73123 ’Mainliner Cedar Rapids’, then two years old operating for United Airlines :https://www.flickr.com/photos/batman60/24651617355