02 March 2017

Sounds Air at Woodbourne

Pilatus PC12 ZK-PLS at Woodbourne on 23 February 2017... it wears an Only Marlborough logo

In the morning Pilatus PC12 ZK-PLT was waiting for its Christchurch passengers
Then in the afternoon it did the Blenheim-Napier service... I'm told people love flying in the "rocket"

In the morning Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SAA was heading off to Wellington
as  was ZK-SAY... Here is was still waiting its passengers
Stable mate ZK-SAY was arriving from Wellington


  1. So do all of these birds now have a council logo on them..? Except from I guess plz..? Noticed on Monday on my flight from Auckland to Taupo. There is a ATR marking next to the nose wheel stop dash on the tarmac where the Q300 parks.... looks more fresher than the well worn b1900 next to it.....

    1. The ATR stop blocks have been there for a long time. Mt Cook operated ATR's in there in the late 1990's and I think until the early 2000's not 100% sure when they finished

  2. PC-12 is certainly good to fly on, very quite and smooth in comparison to the 1900's and I also think better than the ATR's and Dash 8's. Quite impressed to be honest!

  3. Lots of atrs operated into WB in Jan for the scout Jamboree as ad-hoc schedule and charters. As well as Q300 doing extra flights too