30 April 2017


I am one of the nerdy kind of people who keep boarding passes and a record of my flights... I don't know if you have seen but there is a great website called Flightdiary where you can record your flights... Recently they have loaded up a number of smaller NZ airports - still missing the likes of Omaka and Taieri but it is a big improvement... So I am gradually loading a lot of historical flights I have taken. Sadly my old tickets got thrown out years ago and a number of the flights I am trying to figure out roughly when I flew... However it is all interesting and maybe of use to some other nerdy aviation enthusiasts...

Flightdiary has now migrated to my.flightradar24.com   - Steve, 20 May 2017


  1. Thanks Steve, the likes of Flight memory and Ba97 were not cutting the mustard. Will be looking into this. I have kept every boarding pass since 2005! Wish I had kept all of them, although I suspect there would be boxes full of them everywhere. Bad enough with 12 years worth!

  2. Don't worry you're not the only one I also keep my boarding passes as memories

  3. That's an impressive flight record. Why all those flights from HKK to HKK? Are those flights to airports not in the system and you're using HKK-HKK as a placeholder? And why so many flights in 1983-85 relative to the years before and after?

    Me, only 157 flights, all in USA except 4 segments to Canada. Fortunately, I started a spreadsheet of them very early.

  4. HKK to HKK was when I was learning to fly... then I ran out of money!

  5. Yours is really great. I only started logging complete flight info (flight number, times, aircraft type) in 2013 and tail numbers in 2015. I started keeping a spreadsheet after my first 50 flights and remember those pretty well.

    Someday when I have extra time (what is that?) I will look up the Official Airline Guide at a reference library that has them way back and fill in missing flight numbers.