22 April 2017

Fun Flying at Whakatane

If you are in Whakatane and want to try out some fun flying go and have a chat to Peter Rutledge out at AEROHIRE at Whakatane Airport... He is one of those genuine guys who loves to talk planes and flying... I had the opportunity to go for a fly over Edgecumbe on Friday just as the sun was going down...

My ride was BRM Aero Bristell LSA ZK-LMR...

Where the river breached... you can see the plug in the stopbank...
The area of the town about the river which was flooded...

Look carefully... the silt in the streets and debris out on the road to be cleared away

A very sedate looking Rangitaiki River
Whale Island
The sun goes down on another day
LMR's front seat


  1. Did they still have the sr22 available for hire?

  2. It is still registered to them so I guess the answer is yes

  3. The SR22 is nice! Peter is a great guy, thoroughly recommended