09 May 2017

Check In Changes for Sounds Air at Wellington

The Check-In location for Sounds Air at Wellington International Airport has moved!

From Tuesday 9th May, the Sounds Air Check-In location will be Counter 36-37 in the domestic check-in area on Level 1.

This is directly across from JetStar/Qantas on the 1st Floor – straight in the terminal from the level 1 passenger drop off.

From this central location, you will check-in, weigh your bags & seek any necessary travel assistance – your bags will remain with you at ALL times.

You will then receive a unique barcoded boarding pass which will provide access through the newly implemented IER smart gates.

These are located at the top of the Southern Pier and provide access down to the boarding gate – a Wellington International Airport ambassador will be stationed here to assist.

Unaccompanied minor guardians & those assisting elderly/wheelchair passengers will receive a ‘magic’ boarding pass which allows access through the IER gates.

- Please stick to published check-in and final check-in times to ensure you are on time for your flight.


  1. Auckland airport could learn a lot from WLG & CHC airports.

    Auckland has been full of promise for almost 20 years and still talking about it.

  2. Just a thought: do you think Sounds Air will eventually phase out the Caravans and have all PC12s?

    1. No, they have different roles and capabilities. Both very good aircraft

    2. No way, couldn't see the caravan being replaced on the Cook straight
      Pc12 are great, but I think keeping prices lower requires use of the caravan