11 May 2017

My Sunair flight home on Tuesday

My ride home, Sunair's Piper PA23 Aztec ZK-ERM at Gisborne on 10 May 2017... beautiful side on shot, nicely positioned props and no cover 😃
A burn off on the starboard wing on the climb to Tauranga

Not a lot to see but the clouds

Coming out to the Coast over Whakatane...
Moutohora or Whale Island off Whakatane...
and a desperation shot of Whakatane Airport
Tokata, Rurima and Moutoki Islands...
Coming up on Little Waihi and Maketu
Little Waihi
Maketu and the Maketu Estuary
Motiti Island
The sun shining on the Mount
A hazy view of the port...
and the rush hour traffic at the Mount
On finals at Tauranga...
Two off the flight and two on and we were underway again... a less exciting way to fly boarding
Port of Tauranga

Motuhoa Island in Tauranga Moana
Views of the Kaimais...
and Tauranga Moana

The drop into the Waikato

and some pics from Gisborne to finish off with, Piper Cherokee 140 ZK-CIV
CTC Aiviation's Diamond DA20 Katana ZK-SFJ
And Air Gisborne's Beech King Air ZK-SKL

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  1. Does sunair still allow passengers to sit up front in the cockpit?