30 June 2017

One Jetstream airborne and one Jetstream's flying days over

Originair resumed Jetstream operations today with BAe Jetstream 31 ZK-JSH operating flights OGN 3215/3216 from Nelson to Palmerston North and return this afternoon using the callsign AIR2THERE 7. 

Originair ceased flying 1 April 2016 and remain grounded for some months before they resumed services on the 23rd of September 2016 using air2there aircraft. Since then air2there has been operating the four times weekly direct service between Nelson and Palmerston North. It seems air2there will operate the Originair Jetstream on their behalf.  

Originair's Jetstream ZK-JSH about to start as OGN 3215 at Nelson this afternoon as it resumed the air service to Palmerston North. 

Meanwhile in Auckland another BAe Jetstream, ZK-ECP, has been withdrawn from service and cancelled from the register effective 22 June 2017.

ZK-ECP did service with Tasman Pacific Connection, see

and Air National, see

A rather forelorn looking Jetstream 32 ZK-ECP (right) with two former stablemates, in Originair colours ZK-ECI (left) and Inflite Charters' ZK-ECJ at Auckland on 10 June 2017. 


  1. Didn't they have ECI as well?

  2. ECI was leased to Originair from Inflite Charters... not sure what its future is but the fact that it is still in Originair colours indicates, I presume, the hope that they will use it again

  3. They only need one aircraft to cover all their flying. Would be good if they had the ability to expand and make better use of them both. They seem reluctant though.