09 June 2017

Whanganui Service Growing

This from Air Chathams' newsletter...

We are to happy report that the six week 'C Check' maintenance inspection on our Saab 340 airliner has been completed. The aircraft was completely stripped back down to it's frame and all of its components carefully inspected.  Following a refreshment of the cabin interior and a major avionics upgrade in the cockpit to bring the systems in line with future air traffic control regulations, we had the aircraft rolled out of the hanger doors at the end of May and she is now back flying the Auckland to Whanganui route with many happy passengers. While the Saab 340 was out of action we had the opportunity to regularly fly our larger Convair 580 between Whanganui & Auckland, with great feedback from customers has being received! We have also noticed that load factors have increased to numbers greater than a Saab can carry which has prompted us to continue operating the Convair on select flights Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday until the end of July at which time we will reassess how things are going. This is great news for the Whanganui service and shows that we are providing the service and meeting our customers expectations!

Well done Air Chats!


  1. Interesting article. It seems that using a mix and match 30 and 50 seater aircraft to suit off peak and peak times between AKL/WAG/AKL seems to working.

    This raises the question, would a 19 and 30 seater mix and match services with a 19 seater for off peak and a 30 seater for peak times would work between other major regional destinations for a 2nd level carrier?

  2. ... and call it Air Nelson operating Metroliners and Saab 340s

    1. Hi Steve, I mean now. If Air Chats can make it work between AKL/WAG/AKL where Air NZ didn't, doesn't that leave if open for another carrier to look at other regional destinations? Its only a thought.

    2. And Origin Pacific 19 seat J31 to 29 seat J41

  3. No one said they were making a profit..