07 July 2017

S8 854 from Wellington to Taupo

Thanks to JustPlaneMad for sending this email and pics of a recent flight on Sounds Air...

Saw your latest post on Sounds Air's Taupo service, and thought I would share these quick photos. Taken aboard flight S8854 from Wellington to Taupo on PC12 ZK-PLT. 7 pax including myself onboard, and the gate agent in Wellington seemed to reckon that was a average load. 

Flight was delayed due waiting for connecting passengers. First flight on a PC12 for me. Not a heck of a lot of leg room, but nice big windows - shame about the cloudy weather! :/ 

Definitely a lot quieter then the 1900D! Really cool to see the service is being supported. TIU-TUO via WLG and AKL with Air NZ was $360 one way, Air NZ from Timaru to Wellington, and then on to Taupo direct with Sounds Air, was $320, so it worked out great!


  1. Still an average of $120 per sector, Air NZ all the way option is alright.

    $120 TIU-WLG and $199 for soundsair's WLG-TUO.
    Some great options out there.

  2. Sounds Air WLG-TUO $219 not $199, and OP still saved $40 and a extra flight

  3. Nice report thank you, and what an awesome machine

  4. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. I'm in the USA and I'm always curious about the cabin setups in the smaller aircraft you get to fly in. Wonder if next time you could snap an interior shot, without annoying any passengers of course :-P We just don't have any operators like that in my area so I am insanely jealous that you get to ride around in cool GA aircraft. Last time I rode passenger was aboard a MD-90 out of Atlanta and I can tell you it was not pleasant at all!

  5. Check out this post to see a Sounds Air Pilatus PC12 in standard configuration... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2016/03/s8-805-from-taupo-to-wellington.html

    and this one to see the corporate layout - this aircraft is also used regularly on Sounds Air flights... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2017/03/sounds-air-corporate.html

    1. Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for. Great looking cabin given the size, standard config certainly looks better then what I was expecting.