18 July 2017

Sunair Timetable #57

Sunair have released their new timetable effective 7 August 2017. There are no changes to the frequency of services, no new destinations and no new increase to fares. There are a few changes, however, with timetable changes to morning flights to and from Great Barrier Island. The biggest change is with the flights between Hamilton and the Gisborne with the aircraft now starting the day at Hamilton rather than Gisborne in an attempt, I suspect to beat the Hamilton fog! 

Meanwhile Sunair, from my observation seem to being doing well, with a number of Whangarei-Hamilton services been operated and Gisborne-Hamilton flights often running full. Gotta love Sunair!

See : http://sunair.co.nz/images/1-New_schedule_wef_7_Aug-Iss1.pdf


  1. From Aug 7. The change is to pick up more business.

  2. I imagine the doctors will be pleased... and we are likely to generate more traffic from Hamilton than Gisborne so it will suit us too

  3. Those of us with long memories will remember the last time Sunair ran the timetable like this. In the mid 2000s the aircraft originated out of Hamilton. It changed because it was forever trapped in by the fog! Starting in Gisborne meant the aircraft wasn't stuck on the ground and road transport could be provided from TRG to HLZ (and vice versa) to keep the passengers moving; back to the future.

  4. History repeats.