12 May 2018

Norfolk Island Tours

Pukekohe Travel, which has for a number of years offered tours to the Chatham Islands in conjunction with Air Chathams, is now advertising week long tours to Norfolk Island using Air Chathams. Three tours are currently being offered departing on 25 October, 1 November, and 8 November. For tour details see :

Whether this is a precurser to a regular service or part of a new service remains to be seen. What it does show, however, is Air Chathams are not going to enter into a new venture without having done its homework.


  1. I wonder how they plan to handle these international flights. Through the international terminal? A natural location, but a new one for Air Chathams. Through Air Centre One? Conveniently right next door to Air Chathams’ hangar. Through Skycare? Conveniently just over the taxiway from the domestic terminal where Air Chathams fly their other flights from, and where I think I’ve seen their aircraft parked sometimes, I guess for charters.

  2. International….Do processing at a pop-up desk. Pax go thru security and they are then taken by bus to one of the off terminal parking lots. Perhaps where I saw Phillippine pax arriving.

  3. Are they offering any inbound to AKL otherwise the 1st NLK/AKL flight will be empty, as will the last AKL/NLK