27 September 2019

More Nelson Flights

Sounds Air chief executive Andrew Crawford hopes to double the 15 flights a week his company does between Nelson and Wellington as soon as Jetstar pulls out, reclaiming business Sounds Air lost to Jetstar's heavy price cutting on the route. "We're a small airline, we could not be offering flights at $19 or $39 which is what turned people's heads, and to be fair, why wouldn't it? "We seem to have an expectation in this country that aviation is cheap and that everyone is getting ripped off, but that's just not the case, and it's been proved because Jetstar can't keep going with these ridiculously low fares; they leave and we go back to reality. "At one stage Nelson had five or six airlines flying in there and very soon we will be back to two." Crawford said New Zealand was extraordinarily well catered for with air services, compared with countries like the U.S "where it's nothing to drive three or four hours to get to an airport."

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