06 September 2019

New Zealand's Newest International Airline

Air Chathams commences its first international service today as it begins flights between Auckland and Norfolk Island. The new route will be serviced by Air Chathams' Convair 580 aircraft. The weekly service is being operated on Fridays with the flights scheduled to take 2 hours 20 minutes. The flight to Norfolk Island, 3C 401, will depart Auckland at 9am and arriving at 10.20am Norfolk Island time. The return flight, 3C 402, will leave Norfolk Island at 11.20am and arrive back into Auckland at 2.40pm. 

The first flight was flown under the command of founder and owner Craig Emeny and his son, Duane Emeny, Air Chathams' General Manager in Convair ZK-CIB.

Auckland Airport congratulates Air Chathams on first international flight
Auckland Airport has welcomed Air Chatham’s first international flight to Norfolk Island today. With the service to operate once a week, the first flight was piloted by founder and owner Craig Emeny and his son, Duane Emeny, General Manager of Air Chathams. “We are really excited to re-establish the direct link between Auckland and Norfolk Island and we are really encouraged by the early interest we’ve had from passengers, with forward bookings indicating it’s going to be another successful route for our family airline,” says Duane Emeny, General Manager, Air Chathams. Scott Tasker, Auckland Airport’s General Manager Aeronautical Commercial, says the new service is great news for travellers, adding more choice and capacity. “With a flight time of just over two hours, the direct flight will enable travellers to experience a pristine tourism destination and provide freight opportunities for locals, with the new year-round service offering over 5,000 seats on the route per year. “Since Air Chathams began regular mainland New Zealand services in 2015, it has seen rapid growth, now flying to eight destinations and carrying over 100,000 people per year. We look forward to seeing Air Chathams continue to grow and provide the much-valued service of linking New Zealand communities, and now Norfolk Island, together,” adds Mr Tasker.

Source : Press Release: Auckland Airport

On the Auckland Airport website departures board for this morning


  1. One has to wonder how much longer the Convair 580 will be in service?? I seem to recall there was an exemption on the CV580 for not having a cockpit door.

  2. The current exemption is due to expire I understand in April 2020. It relates to the requirement for all aircraft carrying 30 or more passengers having an armoured bulkhead and door for the cockpit and the door being capable of being only operable from the cockpit side whilst airborne. Its a post 9-11 thing.
    As such it will spell the end of CIE and CIF which are pure passenger aircraft. KFL is a freighter and CIB a Combi that could easily be limited to freight roll only. However I how much past April 2020 either or both could continue in a freighter roll would depend on spares availability. I understand these are not easy to source and why Air Chats bought the rest of the Airfreight fleet for parting out to keep the current four going to 2020.

  3. CIE and CIB are now equipped with ballistic cockpit doors. Was a requirement for scheduled Norfolk service from CASA.