13 April 2020

Coastair vs Coast Air

Each month that I have a historical banner photo there is a certain amount of interest in the airline and people look up the profile...

This month's has a few people fooled and it comes down to Coastair versus Coast Air.

Coast Air was Greymouth based and for a time operated a DHC Twin Otter, initially on services between Greymouth and Christchurch and later, for a short time, between Christchurch and Timaru and then Christchurch and Nelson.

My history of Coast Air can be found here

Coastair - as in a single word - operated the Cessna 404 Titan featured on the front page on a scheduled service between Christchurch and Westport though it would call into Greymouth on demand. It was one of the airlines that were sunk by Air New Zealand.

My history of Coastair can be found here

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