15 April 2020

Looking to Reconnect

Air Chathams have written to their customers on their Facebook page... Their letter indicates the challenge they and our other NZ airlines face in the weeks and months ahead

Dear Customers,
We are experiencing unprecedented times globally as a result of Covid-19. The aviation industry has been hit particularly hard. Resulting in the most secure and well managed airlines such as our national carrier being forced into massive restructures to ensure business. Air Chathams has not escaped this chaos. Pre-Covid we were flying 120 weekly scheduled passenger and freight services nationally. Now we are flying 6 scheduled essential flights each week. Fortunately, our government recognises the important role Air Chathams plays in providing a lifeline service to the remote Chatham Islands and have funded us to continue providing those essential services for the next few months. We have also been well supported by the Enterprise Trust on the Chathams and our banking partner ASB whilst we await a return to lower Alert Levels and a resumption of regular services. It was determined in consultation with district councils that our mainland schedules from Auckland to Whakatane, Whanganui and the Kapiti Coast were not required during the lockdown period. We will work closely with councils in the coming weeks to assess the demand for services as New Zealand gradually emerges from Covid-19 restrictions. This will be communicated to our customer base as information comes to hand. In the interim with much appreciated assistance through the government wage subsidy scheme Air Chathams has maintained our workforce. Who are all eager and available to provide charter flights nationally and into the South Pacific at limited notice while of course adhering to the current government health guidelines. Reach out to our team if you would like to know more about these options. With 35 years operating experience and a wide range of passenger and cargo aircraft there’s not a lot we can’t do! We thank you all for your kind thoughts and support during this tough time. And urge you to stay safe and enjoy time with family.
Best Wishes
Craig Emeny and the Air Chathams Family

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