02 August 2020

Does this mean a Boeing 737 for a Convair replacement?

The Chatham Islands will receive close to $40 million for projects that will improve its infrastructure, add to its attraction as a visitor destination, and create jobs through a planned aquaculture venture, Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones has announced. “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the islands, first through the halting of crayfish and blue cod exports and then through the drying up of livestock and wool sales. Fishing and farming are the islands’ main sources of economic revenue. This, coupled with a lack of tourism, has resulted in an estimated of $20m in lost revenue to the island and unemployment of up to 30 per cent,” Shane Jones said. The Government has agreed to provide $36 million for an infrastructure project to lengthen and strengthen the runway at Tuuta Airport, on Chatham Island. “Every study on the issues and opportunities for the Chatham Islands economy has identified effective air services as critical for sustainable growth,” Shane Jones said. “This new runway will allow larger planes to use the airport, improving connectivity for those living on the island, and for visitors. Doing this work now, which includes associated infrastructure such as building, lighting and fencing upgrades, is expected to future-proof the airport for half a century.” The project, which is being overseen by Chatham Islands Airport Ltd, will create up to 20 jobs during the construction stage. It is expected to take about 18 months to complete.

In addition to funding the airport redevelopment, Shane Jones also announced a $2.15 million Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investment in projects to further boost the regional economy through aquaculture, tourism and infrastructure. A total of $1.69 million has been allocated to two project to develop a shellfish aquaculture industry on the Chatham Islands. It is planned that the first farm will be established at Whangamoe Inlet, providing up to 20 jobs. “Chatham Islanders have a long connection to the kaimoana industry. This project will diversify the industry into shellfish and premium seafood smallgoods. It will provide jobs and training opportunities for locals, strengthen the local fishing industry, improve food security and enhance biodiversity,” Shane Jones said. Another $490,000 has been allocated to help establish a dedicated tourism manager for the Chathams to grow the tourism sector. “With the redevelopment of the airport, it is crucial that the islands are well-placed to take advantage of the potential that brings. There are many attractions on the islands, including Moriori petroglyphs and tree carvings. A new museum is being built, and the number of accommodation providers is increasing. “A dedicated tourism manager for the islands could be a game-changer in terms of attracting more visitors, and that means New Zealanders, to explore this piece of our country.”


  1. Sadly most likely -still they have served well.

  2. Yes, basically as far as I know they just needed the runway upgrades approved before they start looking at a 737-300