17 October 2020

Mu2 Magic

If I had to choose a favourite 10-seat commuter aircraft I think it would have to be th Mitusbishi Mu2... such a superb looking aircraft... 

 Unfortunately there are no Mitsubishi Mu2s in airline service in New Zealand, BUT there were

Can you name the three airlines that used them?
And do you know the regos?


  1. Air Central Limited and Air Central (1982) Limited , ZK-EKZ , ZK-EON and ZK-ESM.

  2. Air Central is one of the operators... and that's three of the regos... but one other Mu2 used in NZ and two other operators... both brief!

  3. Waiarapa Airlines has a Mu-2 if I recall correcty

  4. Wairarapa wanted to use one... but they didn't get the licence to operate it

  5. Eagle after they merged with Central?

    1. Correct... one more airline and one more Mu2 to go!

  6. ZK-WAL Lakeair of Taupo

  7. Absoulutely correct...

    Lakeair used Mu2B ZK-WAL and Mu2G ZK-EKZ
    Air Central used Mu2Gs ZK-EKZ, EON and ESM...
    As did Eagle Air for a short time until they were replaced with another Banedeirante and Piper Chieftain

  8. I flew from Gisborne to Napier in Air Central Mitsubishi MU2s twice. Both occasions were on a Friday evening service and on both occasions the pilot was Herb Maxwell, who I had previously taken flying lessons from at Bridge Pa when he was the CFI with the Hawke's Bay & East Coast Aero Club. I grew up in Hastings and attended school with Herb's son, Larry in 1959 and throughout the first-half of the 1960s.

  9. Not airline service but the RNZAF had a handful as ground trainers.