09 July 2021

A new engine for SDB


Barrier Air has this post on their Facebook page... I thought this was really interesting and a reminder of some of the many costs our airlines face...

Today our Aircraft ZK-SDB is getting a scheduled Jet turbine Engine replacement! This a mandatory engine replacement which needs to be done approximately every 3-4 years. The PT6 Jet Turbine engine used in all of the aircraft in our fleet is manufactured by Pratt and Witney and means the aircraft can carry a useful load of up to 1.25 Tonne! These engines cost approximately NZD $600,000 to buy. They are a huge investment but provide the performance and load carrying ability we need to perform the service we operate! We look forward to getting ZK-SDB back from our engineers this Saturday with the installed new engine that is ready to go to work!

Meanwhile people complain about air fares when they can't get a bus fare!

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  1. I've been wanting to fly with Barrier Air since I was 15