31 July 2021

Back on the market

 Embraer Bandeirante ZK-ERU is back on the market...  


There is an interesting comment, 

Yes I know it would be good for it to go to a museum but none want it I have already been down that path.

I find it sad that the museums don't recognise the significance of this particular aircraft... It was the introduction of the Bandeirante (and this is the first) and later Metroliner that really transformed regional air travel in New Zealand. 

Two examples - Gisborne had two Friendship flights to Auckland each day... one via Tauranga. Tauranga had two flights to Auckland. When Eagle put the Bandeirantes in the number of flights went up to as many as 10 a day. It was this move that got people flying and was the impetus for Tauranga-Auckland and Gisborne-Auckland routes becoming s busy.

This is a pioneer aircraft (Bandeirante literally means pioneer) and it deserves to be restored. The Bandeirante has a lot more connection to Tauranga than the de Havilland Heron... Classic Flyers really need to think twice about taking it!


  1. It must be one of those words with multiple meanings - Google Translate tells me it's Portuguese for "Girl Scout"!

    I was disappointed to see that new comment too. I was sure a museum would want it. Hopefully one still does.

    1. Hi. A bit of trivia. The literal translation for bandeirante would be "flag carrier". But the airplane is named after the Bandeirantes, a group of explorers (slavers, to be more precise) during colonial Brazil that were responsible for expanding the territory beyond the colony formal borders. So, the "pioneer" translation would be sort of correct as well.

    2. https://historicalcenter.embraer.com/global/en/emb-100-bandeirante

  2. I would have thought that this would be the easiest aircraft of all for Being our birds home….. it’s complete, it’s on NZ and it has strong NZ history. If they dont get on board with this aircraft, what on earth are they wasting their time with?

  3. Is this the same Bandeirante that is owned by the Tauwhare Military Museum?