07 February 2023

More from Nadi...

A desperation shot from the plane of Nauru Airlines' Boeing 737-300 VH-XNU at Nadi on 4 February 2023. I had hoped we would park next to it... No such luck.

Cessna 208 Grand Caravan DQ-WPG flew in from Pacific Harbour and dropped some passengers off 

As I was boarding my flight to Suva Pacific Island Air's Eurocopter EC130 DQ-GCA arrived at the domestic terminal to pick up some passengers for the Yasawa Islands.

A series of photos through the window of the Twin Otter these were not easy to get and the quality wasn't great. These are the ones that made the cut... Island Hopper's Pacific Aerospace 750XL DQ-FFF

Zenith STOL CH701 DQ-BEK and Aeroprakt Foxbat A22LS DQ-SWI

A sad looking Bandeirante

Island Hoppers' engineless Pacific Aerospace 750XL DQ-KBD

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