04 February 2024

Aviation 100 at Hokitika

It's been a wonderful weekend in Hokitika celebrating a 100 years of flying in Westland. Great presentations last night at the Regent Theatre and on the bus tour today...

Dr Teichelmann's house... a beloved doctor in town and who paid for the Captain Buckley's Avro 504K to be railed to Hokitika for the 1924 Empire Exhibition. He was also a great mountain climber, photographer and an investor in early West Coast flying efforts

The Avro 504K on the Hokitika beach in 1924

Some of the memorials at the site of the old Southside airfield

The Fox Moth replica which used to be in a special building at the airport terminal is now in the adjacent Industrial Park... A much better display and people can have a really good wander about the replica


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  1. I have stayed at Teichelmann's B&B on a couple of occasions when I have been in Hokitika, in the garden cottage. The owner of the B&B still has a lot of Dr Ebenezer Teichelmann's clothing hanging in a closet. Apart from supporting early aviation activities, Dr Teichelmann is mostly known for being a member of climbing parties which were the first to knock-off a large number of peaks along the main divide of the Southern Alps in the vicinity of Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. And Dr Teichelmann used to carry a big, heavy, plate-glass-negative camera to the top of those mountains to capture wonderful images of the surrounding terrain. I've got a copy of the book “Ebenezer Teichelmann — pioneer New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, surgeon photographer and conservationist: Cutting Across Continents” by Bob McKerrow, published in 2005.