15 February 2024

Masterton Airport Development Plans

Thanks to Jarden who sent me this link... It is some months old but still interesting

Hood Aerodrome infrastructure project re-scoped

13 September 2023

Masterton District Council has agreed to a re-scoping of what will be delivered as part of the Hood Aerodrome Infrastructure Upgrade Project. Over the past year, project cost estimates have risen to the point where reprioritisation is needed to determine what can be delivered within the agreed project budget. In 2020, following an application to the Government stimulus funding for “shovel ready’’ projects, a total of $10 million in funding was secured to upgrade the safety features and infrastructure of the aerodrome. This Government funding was secured on the basis of $7 million of Council co-funding, to provide a total of $17 million for the project. The Government’s funding agency - Kānoa - Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit (formally known as the Provincial Development Unit), has confirmed this funding is continuing. Prioritisation as part of this re-scope was based on ‘key drivers’ for the project, namely that the project should be focussing on meeting regulatory requirements, improving safety at Hood, and improving infrastructure to attract future development at Hood. The following project deliverables are recommended to remain in scope for the project:

  • water, wastewater and electrical upgrades and extension to support hangar development
  • development of access roads to support hangar development
  • runway resurfacing and widening
  • apron expansion
  • in-fill of drain on eastern side of the sealed runway
  • upgrade/replace airfield fixtures (lighting, windsock, etc)
  • upgrade/installation of security fencing (to meet CAA Qualification Certification requirements)
  • supporting the aerodrome to meet the CAA Qualification Certification deadline of June 2025.

The following project deliverables have been removed from the scope to allow the project to proceed without the need for additional funding beyond the already agreed budget:

  • any additional land purchase.
  • diverting Manaia Road (requires additional land).
  • extension of the runway beyond its current length (requires additional land).
  • moving the grass cross runway.
  • sealing a new taxiway.

Rescoping of the Hood Aerodrome Infrastructure Upgrade Project does not alter the Hood Masterplan approved in 2021. Mayor Gary Caffell said the re-scoping ensured clarity for the project. “We now have clarity on the work that can be done and the budget for that work. This gives us clear air to make progress on improvements to an important strategic asset to the people of Masterton and the wider Wairarapa region.”

Source : https://www.mstn.govt.nz/council/news/council-news?item=id:2ng2itbh917q9srgcpib


  1. My question to ask is with the runway extension not going ahead and only widening proposed. The chances of getting a regular commercial air service to return to Masterton Airport is not looking good unfortunately.

    1. Here is some good news regarding my question before: