03 December 2011

Air Discovery - Is it all over?

Noted when through Tauranga the week before last was Air Discovery's Cessna 206 ZK-WWH in the Island Air/Adventure Aviation hangar devoid of Air Discovery markings. The CAA register now shows ownership was passed to Adventure Aviation (NZ) Limited on the 13th of November 2011. This leaves Air Discovery with just one aircraft registered to them, Piper Pa34 Seneca ZK-FNB. Their webpage remains active.


  1. i read somewhere recently that air discovery had stoped operating out off tauranga and moved everything to there other base in auckland

  2. I have heard that operating in and out of Auckland airport is becoming very difficult/costly for GA operators. Maybe this affected Air Disscovery with flying to Waiheka and Auckland?

  3. FNB was also here in TG last week. Will check tomorrow when I go to work to see if it's still here.