24 March 2015

A day with Golden Bay Air - Part 3

And the final installment of my day with Golden Bay Air, my flight back to Wellington in Saratoga ZK-ZIG

When the cats away... actually Richard, the staff were working hard... Erman even making sure the bottom of ZIG looked good for the plane spotters at Wellington!
Off again... lining up on runway 36 at Takaka
The day was just getting better and better as we departed

Passing Takaka again 

Climbing pass the Takaka Hill.... sure beats that windy road

and over Abel Tasman National Park and its beautiful bays

Nelson in the distance as we crossed Tasman Bay
Tracking towards Croisilles Harbour

Whangarae Bay
Okiwi Bay

Another mussel farm

Passing Picton

Well above the Tory Channel cables... they are very hard to spot 
A salmon farm in Tory Channel
A lick of low cloud as we pass above the Tory Channel entrance 

Karori Rock
Holding west of Island Bay
Positioning past the Wellington Airport for a Harbour Entrance arrival for Runway 16 
Passing Pencarrow Head
While Bluebridge's Santa Regina steams up the harbour
Downwind for 16
A tight left base for Runway 16 past Mount Crawford Prison

Passing Roseneath looking towards the city centre
and short finals for Runway 16

Give way to the ATR - welcome back to the Middle of Middle Earth
A BIG thanks to Golden Bay Air for a spectacular day.

Golden Bay lived up to all my expectations and much more.

If you want to try out Golden Bay Air go to

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  1. Top shots again, thanks. Wellington looks just as I remember it.....