19 March 2015

So Taupo, do you want an air service to Wellington?

Locals are being invited to have their say on the importance of having a Taupo to Wellington air service. Potential operators are also being invited to submit proposals to the Taupo District Council on how they would keep the district connected with the capital. Air New Zealand announced late last year it will be cutting services on some regional routes, including flights between Taupo and Wellington, from April 2015. The company based its decision on the poor operating economics associated with running their 19-seat Beechcraft planes. At the same time, it said it would lift flight capacity on the Taupo to Auckland route by introducing a 50-seat plane for the service. Mayor David Trewavas said an assessment of the economic loss to the district from not having the Taupo to Wellington air service was estimated to be $1.5 to $2 million a year. There were concerns about the potential impacts losing this air service might have and the council wanted to see what interest there was in stepping in to fill the gap left from Air New Zealand exiting the market. 

I have already heard of one annual meeting moved to Rotorua as Taupo will not have a Wellington connection


  1. Interesting, and does the Mayor have any estimates on the potential economic increase his town will have once the AKL-TUO service increases by more than double the capacity and sees an average fare decrease of 15%?

    Customers see the 50 seat aircraft as more appealing, more comfortable and in the customers eye more reliable. Theres no doubt, coupled with market stimulating fares that the arrival of the Q300 will increase tourism numbers to this area.

    1. This has indeed been the reality for Q300 upguages into KKE, WRE and GIS.

      Timaru/south Canterbury and its local government seem pretty positive and keen to get the Dash, the locals responding by patronising the existing service very well. Indicating the Q300 will become a perfect match for the 70 minute journey.