15 March 2015

Sunair Introduces Even More Services...

I just found this on the Sunair Facebook page…

Sunair Aviation are excited to announce new services! Sunair, from 1 April 2015, will be flying new routes! The new routes are;
  • Whangarei to Great Barrier Island (twice weekly)
  • Hamilton to Great Barrier Island (daily)
  • Hamilton to Whitianga (daily)
  • Whitianga to Whangarei (twice weekly)
  • Whakatane to Hamilton (weekdays)
  • Whakatane to Gisborne (weekdays)
  • Whakatane to Napier (weekdays)

These services continue to grow Sunair's route structure across the North Island, making Sunair a very competitive choice.

A little more searching and I found the following…

Sunair is expanding their scheduled air service from Whitianga. From the beginning of next month they’ll be adding Hamilton and Whangarei (via Great Barrier Island) to the list of destinations they already serve. “Our services between Whitianga and Auckland Ardmore, Great Barrier Island and Tauranga are going really well,” Sunair pilot Ryan Bergman (pictured) says. “Our research indicates that there’s a demand for a service to Hamilton and that’s why we decided to start flying there. On Great Barrier Island we had many requests for a service to Whangarei. It really makes sense to add a second leg to that service to Whitianga.” Sunair priced their new Whitianga-Hamilton service at $120 per person one way (the same price as their services to Ardmore, Great Barrier Island and Tauranga). To get to Whangarei from Whitianga, a passenger will have to buy a fare to Great Barrier Island and another $120 fare to Whangarei ($240 total). Sunair will be flying to Hamilton seven days a week and twice weekly to Whangarei. Ryan also says Sunair put a lot of work into making Ardmore Airport in Papakura as accessible as possible for everyone flying with them. A convenient shuttle service is now available to both Auckland International Airport and the nearby Papakura train station and Pegasus Car Rentals now have an Ardmore drop off/pick up service available, starting at $55 per day for a rental vehicle (also available for single day rentals). “Another thing we noticed is that a lot of people are flying between Whitianga and Great Barrier Island,” Ryan says. “Both are great holiday destinations with rental vehicle

Source : The Mercury Bay Informer - www.theinformer.co.nz


  1. I wonder how many of those routes will be direct. My guess is that the WHK ones will start in GIS then via WHK, TRG then finally HLZ.

  2. Really isn't this just the annual Sunair cycle of Whakatane into the schedule....wait six months.....Whakatane out of the schedule. Does seem to me a bit like that.

  3. It is already not showing these new flights on their website schedule so I can presume that they never got off the ground so to speak.