14 June 2016

From the Inbox

Thanks to Jarden and Fraser for sending in some pics last week from around the country...  

“Attached is a photo of Bombardier Q300 ZK-NES in Taupo on Sunday 5th June. It operated the 4:15pm to 5pm AKL-TUO and the return 5:20pm to 6:10pm TUO-AKL flight. On Saturday morning I counted 47 off the inbound flight from Auckland. Also worthy noting a better schedule with more flights coming in October.”
After getting Fraser's email I check the Air NZ website... Taupo will go from two to three flights a day on Mondays and Fridays and from one to two flights on Saturdays and Sundays. The Sunday to Friday services will also operate about an hour later than previously scheduled.

AKL-TUO 0805 - 0855    123456  (Mon-Sat)
TUO-AKL 0920 - 1010    123456  (Mon-Sat)
AKL-TUO 1230 - 1320    1234567 (7 days)
TUO-AKL 1345 - 1445    1234567 (7 days)
AKL-TUO 1705 - 1755    12345  7 (Sun - Fri)
TUO-AKL 1820 - 1910    12345  7 (Sun-Fri)

Air Ambulance Beech King Air ZK-ZZA at gate 3 today at CHC on 9 June 2016

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