28 June 2016

Gloomy Saturday #2

Saturday was a pretty gloomy day across the upper North Island but I had a couple of emails on Saturday night taken...

This is the second post, Sounds Air's Westport plane, Pilatus PC12 ZK-PLX...

Sounds Air's Pilatus PC12 ZK-PLX at a gloomy Taupo on 25 June 2016


  1. Nice pics on a miserable day.
    Pity you don't see the PC12 around Auckland... (Take the hint Barrier Air)

    1. Agreed, ideal aircraft for New Zealand

    2. Or Sounds Air could launch Auckland to Picton with the PC12.

    3. "Agreed, ideal aircraft for New Zealand"


      Whenever I've seen them, there's hardly anybody on board.

    4. Not sure if that would be a cost friendly flight for the every day Joe blob..? But it would be a interesting route!! Definitely cut the middle man out Blenheim WLG and Nelson One wonders... would sound air ever take the logical next step.. a metro/Saab sized aircraft.? Is it a if or a matter of when? I seriously feel they have what it takes. Lager aircraft lower cost base.?
      Taupo is doing well!!! TDC have yet to pay for a seat..

    5. "Whenever I've seen them, there's hardly anybody on board"

      Haha! I guess you haven't seen them often then!! And obvious you've never flown on one

    6. There's hardly any seats to begin with!
      If only there was. 15 seater version it'd spread the cost further and make it more addordable to actually use these services.

    7. True, Air NZ did offer some great introductory fares on these routes. Great for elderly and families. But of course that meant other seats paid the difference.

    8. I have often been to Taupo airport I live here and every time I've seen them, it's always been 5+ and often checking the website, most flights within the week have "4,3 seats remaining"
      I think that soundsAir could offer some cheap deals like weeks in advance... and also keep their tried and true "next day set fare" that they do so well with. Or they should at least have a look into doing a standby fare or something... get at least something out of that one or two empty seat.. you won't losses too much as there will always be those who book in advance cause they have an appointment or holiday booked etc. Other than that Sounds air definitely have it going for them!! I feel they could go so far but definitely need to look ahead and plan if they are going to grow and invest in larger aircraft of whether they just want to remain doing what they are doing.. but I think they have what it takes in regards to a twin 19 seater +

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    10. A good mate of mine who would know told me that there are often full loads on the Taupo service. He says (and he's correct) that this makes the true demand difficult to measure.