24 June 2016

Great Fleet Fotos...

Thanks to MRC Aviation for sending in these superb Air Chathams' fleet photos taken at Auckland yesterday, 22 June 2016... Our intrepid photographer writes... I had to do a u-turn to catch this phenomonen today on my way home from work, and got very wet feet in the process! Well worth the wet feet in my book!

Newest in the fleet is Fairchild Metroliner ZK-CID - yet to fly on service 
A couple of Metroliners CID and CIC with Convair CIE in between
And even more wide angle - in the foreground... Convair CIB, and Metroliners CID and CIC... And obscured, the company's Rockwell Commander 690 ZK-PVB (behind CIB) the top of the DC-3 AWP (behind CID) and the tail of CIE. What a line up!


  1. Wonder if CIE will get the repaint along with the Rockwell..? Reminds me of one of those usaf photos of a particular aircraft with the complete weapons list. Air Chathams with a all but complete aircraft list

    1. Let me get a photo of the Rockwell first Fraser

  2. CID looks sexy in the Air Chathams livery. Reminds me of CIC