20 July 2016

Excellent memories...

Not aviation related but a great blast from the past



  1. Hi Steve,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your 3 part series on Sounds Air this morning! One thing to note is you need to add PLX to the list of aircraft but it was 3 very good posts.

    In regards to PLZ, I think it has gone for a repaint at Flinders Aviation as FlightAware shows it made its way to Redcliffe last Friday (15th). Hopefully that's why it's there - I'm excited to see a 3rd PC-12 in full Sounds Air colours!

    Also it is worthy noting changes to the BHE-NPE timetable from when BHE-CHC begins. It looks like the timetable uses one PC-12 to operate BHE-NPE-BHE-CHC-BHE which would explain the later Tuesday and Thursday flights for CHC.

    In the overall situation of PC-12s, what do you think will happen to PLS? Will it get repainted or will it go? I think it'll stay given there are 4 PC-12 routes.

    I also think that in the future Sounds Air could look to operate more flights out of CHC to either WSZ or PPQ. They would already be established in CHC, WSZ and PPQ so it would join ends a bit a I guess.

    It is an exciting future ahead for Sounds Air that's for sure!

  2. Thanks for your comment... You may have noticed that the post was headed updated December 2015 so you are right there is a bit to catch up on. I'll update the post after the CHC service starts.

    Like you I think PLS will stay... my thought... no inside gen.

    Sounds Air have said they are not looking at any new services at the moment. CHC-PPQ would be a goer. CHC-WSZ would struggle... Read the post on Coastair (NB Coastair as one word).

  3. I think they'd need another PC-12 for a PPQ-CHC service. Or possibly even a Saab?

  4. SoundsAir will have 4 fully painted PC12 s by year end.

  5. Pls is owned by sounds, i am under a good understanding it will be painted, they just haven't had a chance and plz although leased will be in a similar scheme but remain in nz for sounds and charter use,