22 July 2016

Passengers through Taupo

Passenger numbers were down in total for Taupo Airport this financial year, but smooth flying is predicted for the future. Figures released in the annual report showed 41,438 passengers head through the airport, down from 44,905 the year before. "There were a combination of factors involved for this," airport manager Mike Groome said. "But on the whole things are on the rise." The decision from Air New Zea-land to stop its Wellington to Taupo service adversely affected passenger numbers, especially as a replace-ment carrier could not begin for six weeks. This meant there was no regular air traffic between Taupo airport and the capital city. This was remedied when Sounds Air picked up the service and began running a smaller, but well subscribed, service. Air New Zealand boosted its flight capacity between Auckland with the addition of a Q300 passenger flight service which can take 50 people at a time. This, coupled with cheaper fares per passenger, has seen the airport become busier this year. Groome said the airport has become busier now and there are plans to increase the baggage hand-ling areas as it has become congested when all flights arrive at once. A temporary scaffold structure has been erected in the interim but plans for permanent structure have been drafted for future approval.  


  1. Foggy morning at Taupo this morning. Air NZ did a go around then did some random turns and then diverted to Rotorua. Sounds Air pulled out of an approach then successfully landed from the southern end.

  2. Sounding promising - lets hope traffic continues to slowly build to both destinations to ensure the town retains links to both cities.

  3. Air New Zealand offer some fantastic fares into TUO these days.
    Let's hope the locals support it.