19 July 2016

July pics...

The weather hasn't been great for plane spotting this month and this is keeping aircraft in their hangars... this is what I have seen so far...

Saturday 9 July 2016 was bitterly cold at Tauranga and not a lot was happening... Robinson R22 ZK-HET was doing training
Kiwi Regional's Saab 340 ZK-KRA was running really late after ice closed Dunedin in the morning

Air NZ called in with ATR 72-600s ZK-MVK...

...and ZK-MVO

As sunny as it got but not going anywhere, Cessna 152 ZK-NPD
Over at Hamilton on 13 July 2016 Mitsubishi Mu2 ZK-KOH was doing engine runs
And the latest Pacific Aerospace 750XL getting ready for sale ZK-KDG was photographed on 18 July 2016

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