20 September 2017

Fuel Crisis hits Barrier Air

This from Barrier Air's Facebook page...

As you may be aware Auckland Airport is currently experiencing issues related to the supply of Jet Fuel. Barrier Air now has restrictions in terms of the amount of Jet Fuel we are able to uplift for our Cessna Grand Caravan. We are replacing some of our Cessna Grand Caravan services with Britten Norman Islander aircraft in order to minimise disruptions to our schedule. Please note that the Islander aircraft has a much smaller payload than the Cessna Caravan. We therefore ask our guests to be conscious of checking in large volumes of bags and freight. Please call us on 0800 900 600 if you anticipate exceeding your baggage allowance. Our team will be in touch with all passengers affected by the revised schedules. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

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