04 January 2018

Down the Kaikoura Coast

Pelorus Air's Cessna 185 ZK-PRM was at Picton Airport at Koromiko on 4 January 2018
Sounds Air's Pilatus PC12s, ZK-PLV and ZK-PLZ were at Woodbourne

South Pacific Helicopters' Bell Jetranger ZK-HBO at Kaikoura 
Christchurch Helicopter's Hughes 500E ZK-HSC at Kaikoura
Air Kaikoura's Aeropro Eurofox A240 ZK-TUG was at Kaikoura.
Also at Kaikoura were Air Kaikoura stablemates Cessna 172 ZK-JCT
and Piper Cherokee 6 ZK-DOP

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