08 January 2018

Exciting Arrivals...

I had an email from Duane Emeny from Air Chathams today with exciting news!

All going to plan we should have two Saabs arriving tomorrow evening with US registrations and no markings. Just in case you wanted to let your friends on the airport hill know :-)

Congratulations to Duane and the Air Chats team and we look forward to seeing how you deploy them!


  1. Could we see either a Saab or a Convair schedule to Norfolk...?

  2. SAAB wouldnt work on this run, Possible in a Convair.. even better possibility in a B737? Hows that runway extension coming along, Chats?

  3. Great news for NZ's up and coming 2nd level regional carrier.

  4. What is the current Covair usage? Is there any extra capacity with theses extra Saabs for a service to Norfolk?? Could we see them swapping their passenger Covair Chathams flights with Saabs and use them on the Norfalk flight?
    Regarding the 737 Air Chats have mentioned... what is the reality in such an aircraft in their fleet? Over capacity or perfect for what they need regarding, taking over the Convair passenger/freight flight. Could it mean a reduction in airfares ? How many would they need? Would it be an end to their Convair fleet. Is it a dream or a certany if the airport was to be upgraded and runway was to be lengthened?

    1. Saabs are not a suitable machine for Norfolk or the Chatams, end of discussion. The payload hit you are going to have to take makes the equation unworkable. Your alternate fuel requirements kill you on such long over-water sectors. Around the New Zealand mainland is where these old girls belong.

      The Convair remains a good machine but heck, if everyone else (including the the local Norfolk bloke that likes to have a go every few years) can't make it work, how would Air Chats? Norfolk Island Air had some loads better suited to an old Bandeirante than a 737.

  5. Its no secret that there is plans to upgrade the runway at NZCI. That would be the sole reason for getting a 737. Perfect replacement for Convairs, which just can't fly forever. 737 = more payload for less flying.

    Norfolk while a fairly straightforward flight would require significant motivation for the planning and structure around it, and I doubt that a Saab load (or a Convair) would really make it worth it.

    My bet is that the Saabs will be redundancy for WAG/WHK and possibily an oppurtunity given to them by NZ. Needless to say they would have been a bargin too good to turn down.

    However, I ain't no airline planner!

  6. Would it be fairly instant for the process in getting 737s once the upgrade is complete?? How many 737s would be enough for Air Chats? What future fleet would you guys see at airchats? Could it be a Saab/737 and possible C206 fleet?? Or would the metros still have a purpose?

  7. N135GU landed tonight. Saab 340a. Potential second aircraft is N357GU Saab 340b ex ZK-VAB. Has this arrived at AKL?

  8. Big Investment by Air Chathams here. Sounds Air could follow up with an order. Chats fleet continues to grow over 10 aircraft be interesting what new routes are started.